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De Baca Family Dental Clinic & Guadalupe Family Dental

Our Dental team combines a friendly, “small-town” feel with the convenience of multiple locations and multiple dental providers.  From baby teeth to dentures, our dental team can provide your family with the comprehensive dental care they need to stay healthy and happy.  Call today for an appointment.  

We accept Medicaid, most insurance plans and have a Sliding Fee discount program for patients with qualifying income.  Call our Patient Advocacy Specialist to find out more about this and other financial assistance programs.

Our Dentists


Greg McAllister, DDS



Dental Director

Dr. McAllister joined our Dental team in February 2013.  He is a 1989 graduate of University of Maryland at Baltimore College of Dental Surgery and Dental School and in 1993,  received his JD degree from the University Of Maryland School Of Law.  Dr. McAllister owned and operated his own dental practice for several years and has also worked in other FQHC dental programs.  

Dr. McAllister is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking and biking the various areas of New Mexico.  He is a connoisseur of fine whiskey and part owner in a small commercial distillery. Dr. McAllister has two children, a son and daughter, both grown.  


Dr. Dwight Howard, DDS




Guadalupe Family Dental

De Baca Family Practice is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Dwight Howard, DDS to the Guadalupe Family Dental Office. Dr. Howard graduated from the Baylor School of Medicine and spent over 30 years in private practice in Albuquerque before joining De Baca Family Practice team.


Our Dental Team

Karen Foisie, RDH


Laurie Riggins

Dental Assistant


Clara Oliver

Dental Assistant


Twyla Sisneros

Office Manager



Sofia Terrell

Office Manager-Fort Sumner

Janice Ulibarri

Dental Assistant-Guadalupe